Dec. 16th, 2013

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Dear random student randomly mailing random people:

I might be inclined to forgive you for addressing me as "dear sir" given that the only indication of gender on my website is my first name, which is a culturally contextual clue.

However, if you want to work in VLSI Design, why the heck are you e-mailing me? Do you also go to the bakery when you need a refill on your medication?

No love,
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Due to the possibility of moving rather farther than it is worth transporting the contents of my apartment sometime next year, I have been trying to progressively get rid of things I don't need anymore.

Yesterday, while rooting through my correspondence box, I found an old set of postcards that I have no use for any more. It's of a rather peculiar nature, with the evocative name "The House of Morecock".
I figure, if anyone would love to get some gay anime-style porn addressed to their home for the holidays, I'd probably find them here :)

Very NSFW! and very badly lit overview so you know what to expect )

One of the postcards has been sent off, but 11 8 are still up for grabs (don't be shy! they all need to go!). I will put them in an envelope, of course (unless you really want me not to). Just leave a comment and you will get a rather naked and buff new year's greeting! (Or tell me if you celebrate christmas and want me to turn it into a christmas card, or something else.) (No guarantees as to exact date of arrival, as I will be on the other side of the globe at the time.)

Comments are screened so the whole internets doesn't get to know your address.

ETA: Deadline to sign up is tomorrow Monday 23rd at noon GMT, as after that the post office is closed until I leave for my trip!


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