Jun. 1st, 2015

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This semester was just like being in undergrad again, with seven classes I barely had time to hear myself think, much less do any research. I believe that in the last two months, I managed to squeeze in exactly three and a half days of research. Of course, this brought up the old fears of never finishing my PhD again; what if the problem really is with me and not with being in the wrong place? Other people seem to manage their research despite also having the same coursework requirements?? (Not that I talked to any other people to confirm that...)

Either way, I am glad that the semester is over and I can finally sit down with my code again. Code from a month ago is like code from a stranger, so some reacquainting has been in order for the last few days. This was interrupted by my body interpreting the lack of stress as "oh can I stop now? good" and promptly ensuring that I stayed in bed over the weekend by expedient of a cold. But this did give me the time to knit a little project I had been thinking about for a while:

LeGuin is still missing some eyes

Meet LeGuin the penguin. He's still missing some eyes.
Although the longer I look at it, the more it looks like a Beholder dressed up for halloween...


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