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Attie the penguin ([personal profile] attie) wrote2013-05-10 11:46 pm

This is all Benedict Cumberbatch's fault

Just rewatched Frat Boys In Space ST:XI in preparation for the new movie. Still can't bring myself to like any of these people (except Uhura, Uhura is cool). I hope they'll discover a shred of maturity in time, or I guess I'll just have to root for Mystery Bad Guy With The Sexy Voice.

Also, for some reason, this week, you can watch XII in original language, or in 2D. But English is only available in combination with conflicting visual signals that make your brain hurt.

Grumpy Old Me would like these young whippersnappers with their newfangled technology and their lack of sense, decorum, or even a shred of decency to go away now, please. Hrmpf.