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Attie the penguin ([personal profile] attie) wrote2013-12-16 04:32 pm

It's that time of the year. You know... time for some slash!

Due to the possibility of moving rather farther than it is worth transporting the contents of my apartment sometime next year, I have been trying to progressively get rid of things I don't need anymore.

Yesterday, while rooting through my correspondence box, I found an old set of postcards that I have no use for any more. It's of a rather peculiar nature, with the evocative name "The House of Morecock".
I figure, if anyone would love to get some gay anime-style porn addressed to their home for the holidays, I'd probably find them here :)

One of the postcards has been sent off, but 11 8 are still up for grabs (don't be shy! they all need to go!). I will put them in an envelope, of course (unless you really want me not to). Just leave a comment and you will get a rather naked and buff new year's greeting! (Or tell me if you celebrate christmas and want me to turn it into a christmas card, or something else.) (No guarantees as to exact date of arrival, as I will be on the other side of the globe at the time.)

Comments are screened so the whole internets doesn't get to know your address.

ETA: Deadline to sign up is tomorrow Monday 23rd at noon GMT, as after that the post office is closed until I leave for my trip!