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Attie the penguin ([personal profile] attie) wrote2015-01-06 04:33 pm

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*blows dust off this thing*

Happy new year everyone!

2014 was very busy for me, what with the move halfway around the world and everything, but I think I'm more-or-less settled in now so I'll be trying to be a bit more present...

My mother came to visit over Christmas, she'll be leaving on Thursday. We'll immediately celebrate the end of three weeks of uninterrupted Chinese food by going to eat sushi (my mother can't have sushi due to digestive issues, so we've had to forswear it in the meantime).

I finally started reading the Vorkosigan saga by Lois McMaster Bujold last month, which I'd wanted to for a while. It's been far too long since I cracked open a good honest fiction book (it's all papers and articles these days...) Consequently I was able to peruse some of the Yuletide works that fall into the beginning of the timeline. They're all immensely enjoyable!

Now to get caught up on all of the WIPs that I abandoned along with my home country this summer... (I hear Spice is finished now?)

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