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Attie the penguin ([personal profile] attie) wrote2015-01-07 09:46 pm

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So we were taking an evening walk along the shore the other day, and passed a small construction site. I took note of a sign bearing an example of a trope I have been growing fond of: talking about the past in future tense (often found in relation to large public works), in this case "expected date of completion: mid 2014". A closer look at the construction site labels confirmed that this was indeed a public enterprise, part of something called the "Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A". It also revealed that there were some 700-odd workers employed on the site, which seemed surprising given its size. Google informed us that this was the construction of a sewage tunnel to Stonecutter's Island, which apparently houses a large sewage treatment facility. Thus the mystery was explained: all these people must be working underground.

"If they haven't finished the tunnel yet, what do you suppose they do with the sewage for now?", my companion wondered.

"Dump it into the harbor," I joked, waving vaguely at the gentlemen holding fishing poles at the walkway's railings, presumably attempting to catch dinner.

As it turns out, that is exactly what they do with it

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