attie: A mouse caught in a trap, saying "I Regret Nothing" (misc - regret nothing)
Attie the penguin ([personal profile] attie) wrote2015-02-03 05:36 pm

not gonna lie, this threat would have worked on tiny!me

So to escape the yawning emptiness of the fridge, we went for lunch at the pizza place the other day. My budget did not thank me. Pizza is an exotic foreign thing here, priced at a premium, presumably because it contains significant amounts of cheese, which is itself exorbitantly expensive. For perspective, last time I went clothes shopping, I bought a cardigan, a dress shirt, and two pairs of socks, all together for less than the price of a not particularly large one-person pizza (margherita - with toppings I could buy another shirt or two).

But we did get to overhear the family at the next table, whose primary school age daughter was clearly not appreciating the menu. The mother was desperately trying to convince her to eat something. She had, apparently, ordered rice with cheese. And expected rice. Picture this little Chinese girl in a "pretentious hipster from San Francisco" style pizzeria, eyeing a plate of vomit-colored, slightly chunky goo, exclaiming in her most offended tones: "I ordered rice. THAT is not rice."


Until her mom, at her wit's end, finally threatens: "If you don't eat right now, little lady, you're not allowed to go to school tomorrow!"

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