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Attie the penguin ([personal profile] attie) wrote2015-02-15 08:50 pm
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Things Not To Do To Vegetables

For the longest time, I did not believe that the local vegetable - there is only the one, known on restaurant menus and the like simply as "vegetable", unless the restaurant actually spent money on a translator, in which case it will usually be rendered as "chinese cabbage" - was actually a type of cabbage. After all, it has a pleasant watery but slightly sharp taste. Whereas cabbage, destroyer of dinners, bane of my childhood, is clearly only considered edible by virtue of it not being acutely toxic.

Alas, my companion left for his quarterly world tour yesterday morning, so I now have to cook for myself. In the process, I not only reminded myself all over again why this task is usually left entirely in someone else's hands, but also managed to confirm quite thoroughly that the vegetable in question is indeed a fully-fledged member of the genus brassica.

It would appear that in Germany, and I assume many other parts of Europe, we are in the habit of sadly overcooking our vegetables. I wonder if cabbage and its relations also taste less awful if you limit their contact with boiling water to one or two minutes?
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You can eat cabbage raw, have you tried that? It's great as a side snack with rice and meat or fish. Or maybe just steam it, that's tasty too. :)
I didn't know I actually liked cabbage until I went to Japan either.