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...when you find yourself thinking "I'm glad to be back at the office."

Now if only I could get the printer to print *one* copy, instead of either zero or an infinity...
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Whoh, I've been away so long I was logged out. (This usually does not happen!)

Though I post so little I don't think anybody could notice! Somehow lately I seem to have acquired a life, wherein I am busy teaching, watching anime, trying to debug my frankensteinian code creations, knitting, looking for something that might actually make a publishable paper, visiting my mom, attempting Japanese conversation, expeditions to faraway cities to explore christmas markets, discovering the best MMO ever, seeing it close shortly after, and of course not missing the monthly drag queen bingo!

Also: Young Naked Mole Rat Plushie, which is way more adorable than the picture (just like actual naked mole rats, which are not terribly photogenic). I've named mine Zumi.
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Someone asked me to translate this report and it doesn't fit in a comment so I'm posting it here...

Piko no Natsu Matsuri report )


Jun. 20th, 2012 03:33 pm
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Graah, LJ, stop fucking breaking everything when I'm not looking, I don't have time for this.

So now I can't read my flist until I manage to change my layout. Which, not happening until next week, because argh. So busy.
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My "Japanese drugs" (as my boyfriend likes to call them)!

Goodies! )

Piko's live DVD!
I already knew all his songs, and had seen the music videos that come with the limited editions, so this was the one thing that was really new to me. Why did nobody tell me he had a terrible cold that day... poor guy, I could only half enjoy the show because I kept being overcome by the urge to wrap him in a blanket and spoon-feed him chicken soup! Manager-san, why do you let him go on stage like that? Please take better care of your Piko!

(Not to mention selling the result. Oh, Sony. What's with this "close enough" mentality.)

He still sang beautifully though. And! Someone please give me the scoop on what Piko's "secret" was, that Samfree was bleeped out telling (someone who went to the show must have put it in a report somewhere, right? /too lazy to google).
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Yeah ok so it's not actually quite that preposterous in context, shaddup XP
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Yesterday was my first meeting with my new Japanese conversation partner.

First order of business: explain who Piko and Sekihan are, and make her listen to a song each.

Second: present myself.
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Austria, a word with you, if I may.

You could have had this awesome person represent you at the Eurovision this year?

And instead you went with two unattractive middle-aged white men in bling bling gear telling their nubile young female backing pole dancers to "woki mit dem popo"?!? For real?

No love,
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CONTEXT. I NEED ONE IN WHICH THIS MAKES SENSE. (←actually, that's what learning Japanese feels like a lot of the time.)

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Was this week declared International Everything Breaks Week and nobody told me?

Headphones, servers, programs, I've been waking up to something else breaking every day. Today takes the cake though: our water heater exploded. FFFFFFFFFFF-

Little ray of awesomeness: in front of my office window, it's snowing upwards. There's a small gap between this wing of the building and the other part, and it apparently creates a pretty strong upwards current... ^_^
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My headphones are broken ;_; ↑↑↑ Those were my headphones (not me, image from google) and I think you can all guess why I bought them *cough*

They weren't awesome concerning sound quality, only a little better than the knobs that came with my iPhone, and the materials felt extremely cheap - that white paint on the cushions dissolves if your hair is even slightly damp, and then sticks everywhere - but they didn't cost much, and most importantly, they didn't keep my head in a vice grip. I was so apprehensive when I bought them, because I wear headphones for hours on end, and my ears are pretty sensitive to pressure. But it turned out fine, even when I put on glasses underneath.

I'm kind of tempted to just buy the same ones again, now that I'm sure that I can get along well with them, but on the other hand I'd kind of like something with a better sound. I'm just afraid of putting a lot of money into it and then not being able to stand them because of pressure issues.

Anyone got any recommendations?
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Quoting [ profile] hollabackbln:
via The Critical Witness

Hello everybody,
as some of you might have already seen on yo, is this racist?there is - once again I must say - another theater production in a Berlin based german theater company where they use Blackface instead of Black actors!

Details under the cut... )

Yeah, so I walked past the ad for that piece of work on my way to uni last week and went WTF?

Look at that theatre director, so proud of his excuse: of course black actors can't play regular roles - it's not like they're regular people! - of course they can only play ~special~ *black* roles. But of course he doesn't want to put on so many of these, so he can't hire any black actors, as there wouldn't be enough work for them! So when he does need a good old-fashioned racist caricature (it's "traditional", don't you know?), of course it has to be played by a white actor in blackface! They totally had no alternative, don't you see?

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

See also: I highly suspect that newspapers in the States don't feature kids in blackface in cheery holiday articles.
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LOL. So you know these fire drills where they make you go stand outside in the cold without shoes on ever since Kindergarten? Well, as it turns out, the day your building is actually on fire, they won't actually evacuate, but someone will stop by to tell you "Oh, by the way, there's a fire somewhere over in that part of the building. You can smell it quite strongly and almost see the smoke if you walk down this corridor here. The fire brigade is downstairs already trying to extinguish it. Just to let you know so you don't call them again when you go to the toilet through all that smoke. Have a nice rest of the workday :)"

I sure hope all that smoke is only there because the ventilation system keeps carrying it around everywhere...
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Day 7

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Maybe someone will grant a wish.

There's a bunch of stuff that I want, but they're things I want to do myself, so unless you have a spare time-turner lying around in a corner, you can't really help me with that. But there's one thing that doesn't have to be mine: icons to fill the gaps in my vocaloid collection. I want at least one icon for each voice bank. The relevant communities rarely have more than Miku, GUMI, Kaito, Rin/Len and Luka, so I've been meaning to make icons for the others forever, but the gaps just keep growing as more vocaloids are announced/released. For instance, I don't have any V3s except SeeU, and I don't have Kiyoteru, Yuki, Piko, Iroha, VY1 or VY2. I also don't have Gachapoid but I can live without him.

Day 8

In your own space, talk about a talent (or talents) you have. Everyone's got something they're good at.

Well, I've always had fun learning languages, even though I tend to forget them very quickly if I don't use them...
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Joining in to the Fandom Snowflake Challenge a few days late!

Day 6

In your own space, rec at least 3 fanworks you thought you wouldn't like (because they weren't your fandom or they pushed against your boundaries or you thought you just wouldn't be interested) and that you ended up loving.

Recurrent theme ahead... )
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Happy new year from my timezone!

ETA: oh my god you guys, I am celebrating at a friends' place, and the fireworks are so beautiful. ;_; These people are blowing up a fortune!
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So I was reading through Piko's old, old blog entries from 2008 in the hopes of finding something interesting...

...summer 2008, remember the european football championships? Well, Piko watched. And he had this to say about it:

Fernando Torres is my waifu.

Let me tell you, it is hard to growl and giggle at the same time. (That game was against Germany, after all.) Oh Piko, never change!
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