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Oct. 6th, 2013 12:35 pm
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Yesterday I visited the Mega Manga Convention here in Berlin.

General convention chatter )

FuwariP Vocaloid Show )
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Day 7

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Maybe someone will grant a wish.

There's a bunch of stuff that I want, but they're things I want to do myself, so unless you have a spare time-turner lying around in a corner, you can't really help me with that. But there's one thing that doesn't have to be mine: icons to fill the gaps in my vocaloid collection. I want at least one icon for each voice bank. The relevant communities rarely have more than Miku, GUMI, Kaito, Rin/Len and Luka, so I've been meaning to make icons for the others forever, but the gaps just keep growing as more vocaloids are announced/released. For instance, I don't have any V3s except SeeU, and I don't have Kiyoteru, Yuki, Piko, Iroha, VY1 or VY2. I also don't have Gachapoid but I can live without him.

Day 8

In your own space, talk about a talent (or talents) you have. Everyone's got something they're good at.

Well, I've always had fun learning languages, even though I tend to forget them very quickly if I don't use them...
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Joining in to the Fandom Snowflake Challenge a few days late!

Day 6

In your own space, rec at least 3 fanworks you thought you wouldn't like (because they weren't your fandom or they pushed against your boundaries or you thought you just wouldn't be interested) and that you ended up loving.

Recurrent theme ahead... )
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OMG. Remember this post?

Well, let me present the winning entry in the contest for the official illustration of Spanish vocaloids Clara and Bruno:

Is this an alien invasion? Resistance is futile, you will be Zettai Ryouiki-fied!

also her hip is seriously dislocated wtf
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So, new, totally-pedobear-approved maidloid-from-the-future Tone Rion is now out!

(Cf. picture at the right for an impression of just how short she is. Officially, she's 16, but who are you kidding? Her torso is smaller than Yuki's!)

And the obligatory Magnet cover (with SeeU, who was released in Japan the same day) has also been provided already :P I really like how you can hear the improvements of the new V3 engine and voice banks, by how much smoother the random just-throw-a-VSQ-at-it-and-upload covers are. Looks like both Rion and SeeU make good starter voice banks that don't require much fiddling or editing.

Also, maybe it's just my perception that's skewed, but I'm kind of irked that any Len or Piko* songs (or Oliver discussions) always elicit tons of hate for people who like shotas, but things like this pass as normal:

Link if you don't like embeds

*yes, Utatane Piko counts as a shota, for some reason. Seriously, people, have you never heard of the concept of "femme"? Sometimes, high voice does not equal boyish. No, really.


Nov. 28th, 2011 10:34 pm
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You know, Utatane has kind of earned his reputation that it's impossible to make him sound energetic. He always sounds kind of uninterested, muffled, or asleep. But you know what this tuning would be really awesome for? Melancholy/desperate songs. I mean, can you imagine him singing something like this? BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I CAN AND IN MY MIND IT IS AWESOMESAUCE.

Someone, make this happen *puppy eyes*
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Found this Very Interesting Observation on Tumblr, concerning all the new Vocaloids (except Mew, I guess):

(Click for flist-busting size.)

Notice a theme? ;)
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I'm away for half a day, and already there's FOUR demos of CUL and someone already genderbent her what the fuck is this I don't even

1 2 3 4

Lily/CUL OTP4ever? Luna can join if she ever gets done.

AND IA's design has been released, as well as a cover of her voice provider Lia's famous song "Tori no Uta":

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Woo, stuff is coming out at an amazing pace! Now there's a demo of IA, the new vocaloid from the voice of Lia.

鳥の詩( Ver.IA(β) ) by 1stplace

She's so realistic! /shot
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And out of left field, a new Vocaloid appears!

Her name is Yuzuki Yukari, she's got a powerful voice in the lower range, and she's already got three demos to her name: 1 2 3

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May I just say, the lyrics to Kaito's version of "Love is War" don't make much sense? I mean, I get that Kaito can't flutter his skirt, since he's doesn't have one, but "I'm going to protect you so hard, you won't know what... didn't hit you?" is not an effective seduction strategy. (Actually, it's kinda creepy. Putting on a skirt to flutter for the occasion would probably be way more effective at getting whoever it is to look at you!)

Love is War (Kaito ver.) Cover by Nodoame

Just ask Piko. He has no problems at all fluttering his skirt, which is why his is the most watched cover of Love is War on NND by a half-million-views margin :P

Love is War Cover by Piko
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There is now a page for Vocaloid on Fanlore! \o/

OMG I MADE SO MANY RED LINKS. GOTTA POPULATE EM ALL. work my way up to a page for Piko
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So, the first original SeeU song (aside from the demos) is out. Her Japanese voice bank is actually really nice! I can understand her and all! I think she's got a cute little accent... but my Japanese is too faily to really tell.

TW: racism )

I just hope this shit dies down when a few more SeeU vids get produced. Poor creator :S
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Immoral - Piko

From the Yumehana single. Apparently, also the first song where Piko wrote the music as well as the lyrics - usually he works together with a composer and just writes the lyrics by himself.

It's... very different. In an AWESOME way.

I would listen to it on repeat all day, but the back-and-forth between the left and right channel in the beginning makes me slightly nauseous, so I have to go listen to something else from time to time. Ah, well, at least it stays fresh longer if I don't obsessively listen to it 800 times a day...
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There are two European companies, PowerFX and Zero-G, producing English Vocaloid voice banks. In fact, in the beginning Vocaloid started out with English voice banks, and only became popular in Japan a little later. Since then the Japanese Vocaloids have totally eclipsed the Engloids, though.

I must admit, I'm not much a fan of the Engloids either. But here's a little overview so you know who's who:

LE♂N and L♀la were the first Vocaloids released. They are soul vocalists. It's kind of hard to find songs with them, but as I may have mentioned before, there's one song everyone has covered: [LEON & LOLA] Magnet [English] XD

Miriam is the third Engloid released, also by Zero-G, and based on the voice of Miriam Stockley. She's often said to be the best-sounding of the engloids.

For Vocaloid2, Zero-G has also released 3 voice banks:
Prima and Tonio are Opera singers. They are aimed squarely at the professional market, with very high quality but taking a lot of effort to use. Here's a little song you surely know.

The third is Sonika, who was probably trying to tap into the same market as Miku, but for people who don't compose in Japanese. For this reason, Sonika also has a well-defined character design, which the previous engloids didn't have. This is the best I've heard of her so far.

Finally, PowerFX has released two English voice banks:
Sweet Ann and Big Al. Sweet Ann actually has the distinction of being the very first Vocaloid2 voice bank released, before Miku. Their design is based on classic movie posters, thus all the staples, but as you can see by the time Big Al was released fans were already very insistent on wanting to see anime-style illustrations. Subsequently Sweet Ann also got an anime-style design for the Taiwan release. Sample: Headline Love feat. Sweet Ann and Big Al

PowerFX has announced one male voice bank in production for Vocaloid 3, and Zero-G confirmed two V3 voice banks, one male, one female.
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Utatane Piko is a Vocaloid2 voice bank produced from the voice of Piko... who got famous for covering Vocaloid songs, thus creating the Recursion Loop of Awesome )

Like Piko, Utatane Piko can sing in a female voice just as well as in a male voice. (Actually, better, even. He's officially the least male-sounding of the male Vocaloids - and remember, that includes Len, who has a female voice provider XD)

In fact, have a cute little song of Utatane insisting that he is a boy, dammit!
Piko's Feelings

You *can* pitch him lower, though... )

Utatane Piko is not very popular. This is due in no small part to the fact that he was produced by Sony (Piko is signed with Sony subsidiary Ki/oon Records), and as anyone who owns a playstation knows, Sony possess an uncanny ability to ANNOY THE HELL out of their customers. In this case, they released a demo version that disabled itself after 5 days (other vocaloids' demos worked for 30 days) and did not allow you to save the results of your work at all (no VSQs, only WAV export). Cue fan rage!

Still, there are a few nice Utatane originals... )

His design is quite similar to Miki's, including the little lock of hair sticking up, so they are often paired together. Also, for some reason, Utatane has heterochromia... his left eye is blue, his right is green.

This concludes the overview of Japanese voice banks! Until all the new releases next week at least >.<
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It appears I have to hurry up and finish presenting the current Vocaloid voice banks because there's plenty new ones coming up really soon (Gumi append already has a trial version out, Mew comes out the same day as Vocaloid3 in only two weeks, and SeeU looks finished, polished, and ready to go judging from the demo songs that came out the last week!) So, Utatane Piko coming up really soon, but since this is another ~special~ voice provider, LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT PIKO FIRST.

And, because they simply belong together (*cough*), let me tell you about Sekihan as well.

Sekihan and Piko are both voice genderbenders: they can sing equally well in a male- or a female-sounding voice. )

Sekihan definitely has the more impressive vocal ability, but Piko just does exactly what I like best in voice and music style, so I can't help but love him more :D

And if you want to see more eye-candy, this tumblr is the best place for Sekihan & Piko news I've found:
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